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Excellent product

Pleasnt Buzz

Very nice. I like the variety. One relaxes, one energizes, one sparks creativity.
A little harsh on the throat and lungs, but worth it.

What a great product!

Ive been a weed smoker for years, and recently tried delta-8 THC. While its a different feeling than delta -9, its still a great feeling. When you can get good delta 8, that is. Amd this company clearly knows what GOOD is. Ive tried both the Maui Wowie and Blueberry Pre-rolls and they are so much better than any other delta 8 preoducts ive tried. The relaxation, the pain relief(bad knees and joints) and the MELLOW is amazing. I recently got a vape cart from MyDelta8 and its great to just chill on. All the benefits of THC without feeling "spacey" or paranoid. Ironic, given the logo, lol. 10/10 I fucka wit this company.

Holy shit these taste good.

Only tried blueberry and maui so far, but they were super relaxing and flavorful. I'll be ordering more when I get paid.

RIFT Delta 8 THC Gummies

Definitely would buy again!

Them thangs were all like whhhoooooooaaaaaaHhhhhhhh and stuff

Still evaluating

I have treated calculated measurements of 87mgs/gram(8.7%) rate to
6% delta 8
11% delta 8
16% delta 8
21% delta 8
To be determined...

Great product.

Helps me focus throughout the day.

Perfect wind down smoke

My favorite thing is to smoke these pre-rolls in the evening. They melt away the stress of the whole day. It's become a nightly routine for me. Love em. Keep up the good work.

Great deal with coupon

As good as my shops around here.


I am impressed with the level and the amazing prices.

Nightly Dose Puts me right to sleep

I take probably a half dropper at night and fall right to sleep. Taste is bitter and very botanical but I haven't found anything non pharmaceutical that helps me sleep like this does. A lot of times I'll chase it with juice to help with the taste.

Perfect sleep with these!!!

I love these! These gummies have me sleeping like a baby every night. Just potent enough!

This team is amazing!

Great service, quality products. Delta 8 is awesome

Only takes one

Sometimes even less than one! Lol! Gauge your individual tolerance but once you know, you're good. I use them to manage my mood, and to fall asleep/wind down for the night.

SUPER Relaxing

These pre rolls are my go-to when it's time to wind down at the end of the day. Very mild effects, very relaxing and mood boosting. Perfect for the price.

Insane for the price.

My favorite is the indica but all of these are high quality for the price. Dispensaries charge $60 for quality this good IMHO. Already have a friend buying because she tried mine and loved it. I'll keep coming back!


Just what I needed. Grab and go relief for the road, ships right to your door. Will purchase again!