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GREAT daytime edible

Edibles are usually a nighttime thing for me but not with Doc Jons Botanical Plus. The Ashwaghanda and Ginseng combined with THC-V make for a very uplifting experience that's perfect for all day consumption.

Having never tried much THC-V I have to say these are a favorite of mine. Great all day experience.

Love this

This tincture has kept me mellow and kept my weekend sleep schedule SOLID. huge difference with it in my life.

Great for a full night's sleep

This is my first time trying CBN combined with Delta 8 THC and it definitely helps me get to sleep faster and easier. Will purchase again. 👍🏻

D8PG Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge 900mg
D.R. (Indianapolis, IN)
Delta Reviewz

great stuff and fast shipping and great customer service!

Pinnacle Hemp Delta 9 Gummy Rings

Great medicinal tincture

this is a fantastic product for daytime dosing of Delta 8 THC, CBG, and CBD. Keeps me focused and productive all day long. Will be buying again. 👍🏻

RIFT THC-O Gummies
K. (Pocomoke City, MD)

Took 2 about 6 hours ago and haven’t felt anything yet, maybe I zoned out once or twice but other than that i didn’t feel anything. Would not recommend to be honest

Great flavor

Great flavor and potent Delta 8 THC.

RIFT Delta 8 THC Disposable Pen
A.M. (Cluj-Napoca, CJ)

it is ok

Loved em!

These are my go-to Delta 9 THC edible these days. Take one in the morning before work usually lol wheeeee! These are powerful but with my high tolerance, one is the perfect dose for me but YMMV.

Tillmans Delta 9 is where it's at

I chew up a Cherry Pie with a Pineapple Express = Pineapple Crush. Great for a full moon on the beach - no doctor; no card; no bartender; required.

Rift Multiverse 2gram Disposable Pen
M. (Elk Grove Village, IL)
Next level comatose LOL

These things really put me down. Could be better on the flavors though. They're not harsh on the throat or lungs but they don't taste like anything really.


Got it with the coupon and it works great.

Wild Orchard Delta 8 Flower
J. (St Louis, MO)
Wild Orchard Delivers

Love the hemp flower. Not as flavorful as the Dessert line but definitely hits.

Love the Blue Dream!

Blue dream is my favorite strain of cartridge from the Wild Orchard carts. Baklava is smooth and great-tasting also.

Easily my favorite Delta 9 gummies

These are my favorite Delta 9 THC gummies. Idk what it is about them but they hit solid, last a long time, and are pretty flavorful with no gross aftertaste like many hemp derived gummies. Excellent product.


Love everything I've tried so far and my cart is full again only bad thing I see or that I'm having is in spending all my money on everything I want to try lol out of many things already I've had no complaints on quality even shipping was great.

Excellent Experience

Oh yeah, these are delicious, and very effective in helping to to get my mellow on.
Highly recommended, tingly body high. Give em a try; a great way to wile away the day!

My first Delta 10 THC Cartrdige

Picked up two of these with a coupon as my first try at Delta 10 THC. Very relaxing body high for me. YMMV. Get yourself an indica and sativa and you should be set.

Great taste!

These have a great taste for a disposable & they have a really nice heady feel. Will purchase again for sure.

Dessert Delta 8 THC Pre-Roll
J. (St Louis, MO)
Loved the Dessert Line

These pre rolls are no different. Flavorful and relaxing.

It made my flower straight gass

Definitely would buy again.


These are not for people new to the cannabinoid experience. These are potent and I mean to the moon. THCP you can just remember that as Potent. If you an looking for an entry point in noids. HHC or D8 are for you. Edibles last longer and take longer to kick in. Enjoy these if you are ready to be in the sky!

Binoid HHC Tincture - 1000mg
J. (St Louis, MO)
Strong yet smooth.

I used this to help with pain management following sinus surgery. was strong yet smooth and really made everything more comfortable. i will definitely keep this on hand.

Trippy af, obliterates pain

Like the title says, this one is perfect for severe pain. It always gets the job done when nothing else seems to give me adequate relief. One of the best tasting carts I’ve had the pleasure of trying from here.