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Handy little thing

A solid, pocket friendly vape. I really enjoyed it. I also like that it’s a disposable, and comes with 2.5 grams. Unlike any other out there

Tasty and strong

Good flavor and potency. Would buy again.

OCHO Green Crack

Nice combination of mellow and energy. YMMV because I have a high tolerance. Plan to order the other strains soon.


I was surprised at the quality, flavor, and functionality of this one!

Canna River Delta 8 THC Tincture 1000mg
J. (Elk Grove Village, IL)
Amazing Effects

In the past I’ve never been a tincture person. Leave it to Canna River to change my mind. Great product. Tastes great and extremely relaxing. Will definitely order again.

Really are a perfect dose

These gummies are the best for micro-dosing that I have found. The perforation allows a half of a gummy to be taken very easily for those (like me) with a pretty low tolerance.

Great product

Love the quality and it works

Perfect delivery

Great device design, potent product, and pricing out of this world. 10/10, would recommend.

Canna River ENERGY

The Energy gummies work so perfect for the morning, right after you wake up take whatever dosage you need and bam your ready to go face the day. I usually take one in morning & another about midday. And to end the day try the Sleep gummies or whichever works best for you. Can't wait to try them all. Really diggin' em for sure!

Nano Delta 9 THC Gummies 100mg
L.B. (League City, TX)

Nano Delta 9 THC Gummies 100mg

THC-O Live Resin - The Tastiest Cart I've Ever Tried

Seriously the best tasting cart i've ever bought! this stuff sneaks up on you, so go slow. Excellent sleep aid!

Company handles issues well

Bought one of these and had some major issues with it (pod leaking, not hitting, etc) and the company immediately reached out and sent me a replacement. I am very pleased with the replacement. The flavor is great and is very potent. I would delete my previous review but I dont know how to do that on here (M.C.).

Excellent microdose

Take one every morning. Super energizing and uplifting. Not mellow or sleepy at all. Great job guys.

Not Bad

These little pens taste very good ! They are very small and discreet to carry too ! Would buy these again !

Very good

These cookies taste good and they give you a nice head change.

Canna River Delta 8 THC Cartridge 1g
J. (Elk Grove Village, IL)
Amazing Flavored Delta 8 carts

I had glueberry express and it was light enough not to make me cough like crazy and had a delicious aftertaste to it as well. 10/10 very flavorful and potent for the price. Thank you.

Baked Delta 9 THC Chocolate Trip Cookies
J. (Elk Grove Village, IL)
Soft and Chewy

Love these cookies and the effects. I could eat the whole carton but that's not advisable... Proceed with caution as they are potent and you'll want to eat all of them.

Amazing flavor! (Major Melonz)

I love the flavor on Canna River's gummies. Almost no help taste at all but each one is delicious on it's own. Potent flavorful Delta 8 THC edibles.

Canna River Delta 9 THC Gummies 400mg
J. (Jefferson City, MO)
Excellent micro dose!

Delta 9 THC gummies are strong- I found them just as effective as products I have obtained with my medical marijuana card. I cut mine into quarters, since I have a low tolerance. The gummy type medication is highly useful for microdosing. I was unhappy about the amount of sugar in them, still I do recommend them highly.

Highly recommend

I think it would be benefit the company alot for more discreet packaging so USPS doesn't steal again. All in all I hope its great

RIFT 3g Delta 8 THC Mini Disposable Escape Pod


Overall really good product. Taste is a little bitter but they are potent and seem high quality.

The New an legal way

1st time user of Melon KZ Indica 3g. Found to calm, relieve stress/pain AT TIMES. Convenient to carry, discreetly. 5 ⭐️…Gummies are Better to ME 8⭐️ JMR Texas.

D8PG Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge 900mg