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Love the taste

Great products 😍

Fantastic 😎

Great taste and discreet


I loved it and you didn’t even really taste the Delta

Great product, just wish it was a little bigger.

This product is great for a subtle and discreet way to sneak your fix on the go. The terpenes are flavorful and provide a wonderful heightened experience. The only "complaint" is the 250mg size. I wish the device was slightly longer to accommodate a larger tank. Other than that this is a solid product all around.

Definitely Worth It

This is a fantastic product. The flavor is full, the experience is heightened, the device is sleek. I see this as an absolute win.

Doc Jon's Private Reserve Delta 8 Cartridges

I'm always down to try new delta 8 thc carts especially when they are packaged and look like Doc Jon's. No blister packs here - these are beautifully packaged in a cardboard box.

I tried Durban Poison (Sativa) and Green Crack (Sativa) on my first order - these are two strains that have always hit for me and Doc Jon's terpenes are what you would expect. No clogging, just a nice smooth flavorful hit.

5/5 would recommend and I'll be buying the other flavors soon.

Pinnacle Hemp RIFT HHC Gummies
K. (Pittsburgh, PA)
Rocket Ship to Low Earth Orbit

Took one whole gummy
10MG of HHC Rift Gummies
55 minutes in, started to get a cotton mouth.

1:17 in, starting to have body washed with waves of bliss.
listening to 25:56 mark of Marcus Schulz Apr 21 2022 podcast.

slight arousal, and horniness kicking in.

1:33 in, high starting to fade.
initial euphoria, and bliss mellowed out.

3:11 in still feeling a mild-medium high. this was much more drawn out than i was expecting.

3:24 still cotton mouth. mild time dilation effects, listening to music.

so based on duration and effects i'd say this is more potent than delta-8...

One Ring put me in the zone

1. I divided my sample pack into a 1/16th's of a ring @1.87MG dose and experimented with taking my first dose and waiting two hours. I was unable to discern an effect after two hours so then doubled this to 3.75MG. I waited two hours and then doubled it again to 7.5. So within six hours I had consumed half of a Ring. I knew I was going out. SO at this point I took the remaining half of the ring. During drinks and dinner, the effects finally kicked in I felt light euphoria and was very talkative.

2. The Second ring! I took it all at once as I was comfortable that my metabolism would process within two hours, so I timed it so effects would begin when I was at the movie theatre. I had dinner before hand, and during dinner I started getting "high" and had a cotton mouth. I was talkative as before, and ate a number of slices of pizza.

The Zone: By the time I was at the theatre I knew I was high, it was a mild high but extremely enjoyable. I watched the trailers, and they were quite captivating, I usually get a time dilation effect, where things i know should occur fast, seem to go on and on. The film was extremely good, and the effect from the Delta9 was also enjoyable. I consumed all the Delta9 gummies I had ordered, but next time I will try taking two perhaps separated by an hour or two to prolong the high.

I could tell 3/4s of the way through the film that I was coming off the high.

No adverse effects, no paranoia, or sea sickness or spinning...

I recommend you try Wild Orchard Delta 9 THC Watermelon and Apple Rings!!

Based on experience with cannabis, I would recommend this to someone that might want to try a recreational alternative to drinking alcohol. I did not drive a car while consuming this, and the labeling indicates driving or heavy machinery is not recommended.


very good 10/10 should buy got me smacked

Great stuff - does what it should.

Great flavor on Pinnacle Hemp Delta 8 THC Flower. I like all of them but Zkittles is my favorite.

The OG Cannabinoid: βˆ†9-THC

So glad that Pinnacle Hemp jumped on the hemp-derived Delta 9 THC edibles game!

These are fantastic and just like the dispensary. YMMV if you're a heavy smoker but definitely give these a shot. They never did me wrong.

Flavor is like any sour gummy ring - I like them better than the Pinnacle Hemp organic Delta 9 THC edibles, but I crazy sugar so that's just me.

Effects onset about like any other edible. 45 minutes to an hour after taking them you'll definitely know they kicked in. I would start with a small dose if you are a beginner or you will hate edibles forever if not. Lol

RIFT THC-O Gummies
M.J. (St Louis, MO)
THC-O: for a mellow high

THC-O edibles don't do a ton for me...I kind of think of them as heavy CBD. Very relaxing and mellow vibes. It's definitely stronger than CBD only but I don't think THC-O is stronger than the Pinnacle Hemp Delta 9 THC gummies. At least not in an edible form.

These are THC-O Sour Patch Kids and the flavor is what you'd expect. Not too strong on a hempy after taste either. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

RIFT Delta 8 THC Gummies
M.J. (St Louis, MO)
Favorite Delta 8 THC gummies

I miss the old flavors but the new ones still smack.


Yoooooooooo, my entire face melted off when I ate 4 brownies! HIGHLY recommended!

Doc Jon's Cloud Niners

Far and away my favorite product from My delta 8 so far. Fantastic high, hits quickly and hard, these gummies are for when you really want to blast off.
Slight couch lock, but no brain fog.
Mydelta8 has been my go-to for edibles and vapes for a while, and it's always great, but the Doc Jon's are another league. Fantastic product

Wild Orchard Delta 9 THC Rings

Love the flavors πŸ‰ 🍏

1:1 ratio of 15mg THC/CBD is perfect for me to wind down at the end of the day. One gummy ring doesn't take you to the stratosphere but just winds you down perfectly.

As always YMMV so start with a small dose as these are potent and I have a high tolerance.


This little guy rips. Gets me through the workday. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Lots of reviews on the rift pen talk about the blinking light, I had no problems with the rechargeable one. Had to find a USB C cable but it charges fast and let's you get all the distillate out of it. YMMV but if the RIFT Delta 8 pen is blinking just let it charge.

Pinnacle hemp doesn't disappoint

Delta 9 THC is here, and it is amazing. Will keep buying these DELTA9 gummies.

Super convenient

You can find juul's everywhere where I live so these are super convenient to dose Delta 8 THC.

Binoid Delta 8 Capsules

These capsules are the perfect way to dose my Delta 8 in the morning with the rest of my vitamins and supplements. I have severe PTSD as well as chronic back pain and these help me make it through the day.

I wish they were priced cheaper, but they definitely do what I need them to.

Pinnacle Hemp THC-V + Delta 8 THC pre rolls

Wow! Love that these come in a three pack for the price. High quality individually packaged .7g prerolls. Depending on which blend you get they have Delta 10 THC, Delta 8 THC, THC-V, THC-O, etc.

This is the first flower product I've seen that includes some of these new cannabinoids. The "Spark" pre rolls left me feeling relaxed without being sedated, and definitely had a cerebral buzz to go with it. I will definitely be trying the others soon.

The pre rolls were packed well, and had a great flavor too them unlike some CBD flower. High quality for sure.

Eables CBD Freeze Gel Review

I had never heard of Eables CBD until seeing the CBD Freeze Gel on this site. I ordered to help with my chronic back pain because I wanted to try a topical cannabis product.

The smell is fresh and natural, while being very potent. It rolls on easily and the applicator doesn't make much of a mess. I love it and have been able to tell a difference in my chronic back pain when using this product.

5 stars - will be buying again. πŸ‘πŸ»

Wild Orchard HHC+THC-O+Delta 8 THC

SICK packaging on these HHC Pens. The colors are bright and inviting and the pens are a matte finish rechargeable device. (Micro-USB)

Wild Orchard delivers with the butter effect sativa pen, can't wait to try the others.

Wow Doc Jon's Private Reserve Cloud Niners DELIVER

Better than most dispensary edibles. Idk if they're nano delta 9 THC or what but they act FAST and pack a PUNCH. I was pleasantly surprised as a long time THC consumer and will be buying these often. They're well worth the price. Usually my dose is ~20mg of Delta 9 but I usually take only 10mg with these.

5 stars - highly recommended!

Acts fast

Great taste! Fast acting.