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Leaks but good taste

You’re most likely not gonna get the full 3G because it leaks like crazy but it taste good overall not worth the price

They are the best

Great customer service, amazing prices an there delta 8,9 are top of the line. Definitely recommend them.

Blitzd Delta 9 THC Juice 50mg
R.E. (Cedar Hill, TX)
Excellent Pain Reliever

I was surprised by how well Blitzd Delta 9 juice worked. I may have taken more than recommended, but it got the job done. It helped ease my sciatica pain & I had a good night's sleep finally. Will definitely be ordering more.

Nano Delta 9 THC Gummies 100mg
R.E. (Cedar Hill, TX)
Good Taste & Works Great

These were strong, tasted good, & worked great for my nerve pain.

Delta 8 spray.

Never received

Hello, you were refunded for this order because you claimed that the package was stolen.

My Favorite!!

I love the Wild Orchard Delta 9 THC Ice Cream Shoppe Gummies! I’ve tried a lot of the other Delta 9 “flavors” and I like these best. They taste great and are smooth. If I take them in the evening, after some hours I can go to bed and sleep like a baby. I’ve shared them with friends and they love them too!!

Works great and excellent value

Like the combination which makes me feel relaxed and chill just like I expected.

Excellent Vape

Gave a nice relaxing high, very pleasant for sleeping. I got the blue slush and it’s good! Combo of THCA and Delta 9 THC-P was unbeatable.

Great service, product exactly what I was looking for.

Consistent leaking issues

I have been purchasing these for a long time now. Recently (last few months) I have had more leaking ones than not. I hope y’all will look into this issue, please.

The best

This is my fav vape its not harsh love it but getting hard to find. Don’t discontinue

keeps leaking ):

bought this in a shop in hawaii- the product itself is good, but constantly leaks and it sucks a lot. i don't know how to fix it or gwt a decent pull without it spitting at me and burning me.

Effects as advertised.

Fast shipping, effects as advertised and very mellow. I will buy again.

DELTA Cannabis Water - Passion Fruit
J. (Elk Grove Village, IL)
Delta 9 THC Live Resin

My wife and I are working on our 8th case now and looking forward to trying new flavors next. The flavor is good and it's a nice relaxing beverage to just sip and enjoy.

DELTA Cannabis Water - Blood Orange
J. (Elk Grove Village, IL)
Amazing Live Resin Seltzer!

Taste pretty good. Refreshing on ice with a slice of lemon. A nice buzz. Recommend it highly! Not one negative. Thanks for a great product

Wild Orchard THCA Pre-Rolls
J. (Elk Grove Village, IL)
THCA preroll

Definitely slaps and doesn't make me cough too much. Flavors are good as well.


THCA is me new go-to. It's hard to get to the dispensary but these are delivered right to my door and I can't tell the difference between THCA live resin disposables and the Delta 9 THC carts at the dispensaries in my state. Fantastic products I will return to buy.

Wild Orchard Delta 9 THC Blue Razz Rings
J. (Elk Grove Village, IL)
Amazing effects

These rings are potent and delicious. Would eat the whole bag if I could. They are just like the dispensary but cheaper for me...will purchase again.

Slushie or Blazed

Also if which ever one is better what would be the best flavor literally

Slushie or Blazed

Is the binoid slushie better than the 5g thca delta 9p

Do it!

Best product, best costumer service and great company. I place my order every couple of weeks and let me tell you, I’ve stopped going to my local dispensary. I tell all my friends to shop here because it always hits. Thank you!

the product is inconsistent

I try the product and it is sometimes stronger than other times. There are better brands on the market.

Wild Shroomz Mushroom Delta 9 THC Gummies
J. (Elk Grove Village, IL)
Amazing mushroom supplement! 🍄

These are a fantastic microdose. Just enough Delta 9 THC to take the edge off, and mushrooms for immunity, clarity, and focus throughout the day. Great products, will return to buy more!

Asteroid Belt

These gummies had me past the asteroid belt that's for sure. 🤣

RIFT Multiverse Dark Matter Gummies 750mg
J. (Elk Grove Village, IL)
Dark Matter Delta 9 THC

These Dark Matter Multiverse gummies will replace my normal Delta 9 THC gummies. Put me right to sleep. YMMV depending on tolerance of course.