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Love the Rift! Perfect for me! I tried others and your on top!


Great product

RIFT Delta 8 THC Disposable Pen
P.W. (Sterling, VA)

RIFT Delta 8 THC Disposable Pen

Wow - all the calm!

Can’t believe how delightful these were to smoke. No sting in the throat, no over the top buzz in the head, just a feeling of absolute calm. I am so lucky to have stumbled upon these!

Amazing- best disposable vape on the market

This is delicious tasting, makes me feel so much less stressed, and I enjoyed the way it smoked so much more than any vape product I’ve ever used before. So excited to order more!!

RIFT Delta 8 THC Disposable Pen
Lindsay D. (Nashville, TN)
Best anxiety med

This works better than any kind of pill I could take to relieve anxiety. It got rid of my nausea, calmed my heart down, and took my headache away almost immediately.

Nano Delta 8 THC Brownies Slap

First of all, the taste is amazing. They're like a chocolate brownie and absolutely no hemp or cannabis flavoring at all.

I was expecting the Nano delta 8 THC in these brownies to be a bit better than distillate as an edible and man was I right. Nano is the new king of edibles imho. Maybe that's just me but these knocked me on my ass with a very small dose. Definitely asses your tolerance and I wouldn't take these as a new cannabis consumer.

Great product. A bit high priced but damn well worth it. Hit me harder than most dispensary edibles at least for the price.

Glad to hear you liked our Nano Delta 8 THC brownies. We're definitely big fans of them. Feel free to use code 'SAVE5' for $5.00 off your next order of brownie mix.

Green Apple tastes amazing! And slaps!

I like these a lot better than most Delta 8 THC gummies. The flavor is unbeatable and surprisingly they didn't even come melted. Green Apple is my favorite flavor of these delta 8 gummies so far. Great quality potent gummies. Fast shipping too. Thank you.

Delta 8 Pharma Grade Gummy Rings
A.M. (Kansas City, MO)

Delta 8 Pharma Grade Gummy Rings

Delta 8 Pharma Grade Flower (3.5g)
B.D. (Evansville, IN)

Really smooth Indica flower

We're happy to hear you enjoyed your experience, Beatrice. Thanks for the kind words!

Great quality and taste.

A bit difficult to work with on a tool but great potency and affect.

Glad to hear you liked our Delta 8 THC Dab concentrates, Austin! Feel free to use code 'SAVE5' for $5.00 off your next order of concentrate.

RIFT Delta 8 THC Disposable Pen
D.S. (Rochester, MN)

This is great to use for a little relaxation after a long day. Can’t wait to try the other flavors!

RIFT Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge
J.K. (Brooklyn, NY)

RIFT Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge

Awesome pen

Tried a few other pens and the Rift pens is the best one that I’ve use thus far.

Thanks for your review on the Rift Delta 8 Disposable Pens. Stay lifted!

Easy to use and convenient.

Thank you so much, Cynthia! It's great to hear that you're enjoying the RIFT Delta 8 Disposable Pens!

These are too delicious for my own good

Holy shit these are good. Wow. Favorites are peanut butter and cookies and dreams. Amazing product, great effects.

Pinnacle Hemp CBD/Delta 8 Pre-roll
C.R. (Evansville, IN)
Real? Or Fake?

I have been trying to get my 20 year old son to make the switch to Delta 8. He has a couple possession charges. I bought this and asked him to try and let me know if he thought it the real thing. He went for a walk and when he returned, he said *that us great stuff, where did you get that?* I told him online, it's Delta 8. He was very impressed!

Thank you for the kind words, Chanelle! Our Delta 8 THC infused pre-rolls never disappoint!

Feel free to use code 'SAVE5' for $5 off your order.

RIFT Delta 8 THC Disposable Pen
C.R. (Evansville, IN)
Ready For Lift Off?

This is my first experience with this product and if was amazing! You don't get the negative sides affects of the natural plant. No cotton mouth, no paranoia, no food cravings, and no *dumb* feeling or slow motion.
Plus the customer service is excellent. Very quick response!

Delta 8 vape cart

As a hardcore regular smoker for years and then switching to carts. And now trying some of these cbds dang, actually some are pretty close to the thc aspect.the alien og indica my favorite so far, but the selling of that product you guys no longer have.which sucks cause that was thy best effective one I’ve tried so far.out of the rift carts cherry pie so far is really good.I saw an ad for your company on so I knew I could trust trying your guys products at least. I do gotta say though the pricing is bit high I feel.yes cbd legal but when you can get a thc cart for $30 street wise and that’s kinda spreading cross the land quickly.cbd may start to fall then. That should be consider

RIFT Delta 8 THC Gummies
D.G. (Knoxville, TN)
Great Product

This was my first time trying any hemp products. I was worried about the effect it would have so these small packs ar a great way to try out the product and figure out what dosage will work for you. I have severe anxiety and this is great. I just feel really relaxed and happy. Not jumping for joy happy but a deep calm kind of happy, which is something I don't normally feel. Great to take at night too.


These vape cartridges are amazing is all I can say

Thank you for the review, Angel! We love the Delta 8 Pharma Grade Cartridges as well!


I definitely felt this with just 3/4 of a dropperful

RIFT Delta 8 THC Gummies
C.R. (Evansville, IN)
Miracle Product

I use these Gummies for my 17 year old dog. She has 2-3 bulging disks in her lower back, she has arthritis, and a very large fatty tumor on one of her front legs that makes her limp. She has had trouble walking and moving bowels for years due to her pain. I have tried vet prescribed pain pills, CBD oils, CBD treats, therapy, and Lazer therapy to relieve her pain. Nothing has made her feel as good as half of one of these Gummies. She plays, runs on a leash, jumps off the porch, and genuinely feels good. AT 17!

Delta 8 Pharma Grade Pre-Roll
W.H. (St Louis, MO)
Delta 8 Pre-Roll

Excellent quality and quite powerful. Great product.

RIFT Delta-8 THC Oral Sprays
S. (Indianapolis, IN)
Great flavors.

Ice is my favorite. These are a super convenient spray tincture for a precise dose of Delta 8 THC. I carry one in my purse and have kicked the anxiety meds I was on for 5 years.