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RIFT Multiverse 2000mg Spray Tincture
J. (Elk Grove Village, IL)
Excellent Product from RIFT

spray was better than expected!

great night's sleep

I love these gummies. Last night for some reason I ate two, don't know why, probably the sugar, and had a trippy dream life, so I only need one, but they really help me stay asleep. Creamy with a nice flavor.

Nano Delta 9 THC Gummies 100mg
C.M. (Montpelier, VT)
Great alternative to vaping

I love these gummies - I'll take one one after lunch, finish what I need to do till it kicks in, then I have the best evening & night to enjoy the benefits. Finally I'm getting a good night's sleep. Thanks so much

Cheesecake THCA Pen

High quality, really powerful buzz, convenient rechargeable disposable, great for insomnia and just let's you feel good and relax... highly recommended. I will purchase this again when I get an email discount coupon.

Lemon Pie THCA

Very therapeutic. Very high quality with nice effects. Just like the dispensary but better.

Amazing value for 7 grams

I mostly do flower and vape crumble/diamonds out of a DTV5, but this right here is good for when you don't feel like messing with all the extra stuff. Just grab it, rip it once or twice - it'll get you to where you need to be and for a *while*. Very good for being stealthy and not sacrificing anything. If you're on the fence about this, just do yourself a favor and grab one. Especially with the 420 code right now - it made this $25. So I'm grabbing another one. You can't beat it even at $40. My first one almost lasted me a week with vaping every day... somehow. Anyway - yea it's super sweet, tastes great, feels awesome and lasts a long time

Binoid Live Rosin THCA Disposable 1g
J. (Elk Grove Village, IL)
VERY STRONG - incredible effects

Very strong and the feeling reminds me of dispensary carts, hits very smooth also and never clogs up great quality thanks I'm impressed and will buy more.

My favorite disposable

Great flavor and easy to use. So far my favorite delta vape.


RIFT got it right again! These escape pods have a blend of cannabinoids in them and they do the job well. Not for the beginner user if you know what I mean. Dose carefully!


Lasts a long time.

A little feel

Good coffee add more delta in there for those off days 🙂 but overall good

Not sure if me or device

I keep buying these because it gets me where I need to be. But I have clogging issues with every one of them. It’s something I live with, but an issue. Not sure if it’s user error though because it’s every one.

Lasts a long time

I haven't noticed a difference from sativa/indica but this was quality vape, good battery. Near the end it clogs a bit. Lasted me at least a month with regular usage, I'm impressed with the $ value you get from this. In the morning!

Works great

Flavor isn’t too bad, a little less potent than I was expecting for 5000 mg but overall I’m very pleased with this purchase. The high is definetly more on the indica side but it’s probably a hybrid.

Great product

This is my favorite disposable

Perfect formula

I finally found the perfect formula. I just needed something to calm me down when I’m in pain. These were perfect.

Love the flavors

This Delta 8 THC disposable from Binoid is my go to disposable pen for Delta 8. YMMV but I puff on these all day.

"Perfect Dose" is right

these are amazing for a daily microdose. flavor could be better but they do the job.

Delicious Coffee with Delta 9 THC

Great coffee, does the job. Will purchase again. I usually mix some with my regular coffee for a microdose.

It was okay would consider buying again

It’s pretty good it has a nice strong flavor that keeps its taste till it’s gone but it’s missing somthing the flavor is kinda overpowering but the effects are well worth it I’d say it gives you a nice kind high 10 mins after a few hits and a slight body high

Soda Shoppe

Loved these gummies. The CBG keeps the high upbeat and creative. Delicious flavors too with very little hemp after taste. Just like the dispensary but without the medical card.

Root Beer Gummies!

Love the Root Beer and Orange soda flavors, I can take or leave cola. Slaps like Delta 9 THC usually does, and the CBG makes for an uplifting instead of sleepy buzz. YMMV

Strawberry Cough

Love the strawberry cough - tastes like the delicious sativa I remember. These vapes work well for me, hopefully it won't clog towards the end but it's going strong now that's for sure.

1 out of 4 is bad!

I have bought 4 of your pods. The first was the best, the next 3 leaked after the first pull! Getting a mouthful of Rift is no fun! You have an awesome product! Just want them to work.

Binoid THCA Live Rosin Disposable .5g
J. (Elk Grove Village, IL)
Amazing sleep aid

If you’re looking to truly decompress and relax(or sleep in my case) I HIGHLY recommend this product!!! I have horrible night anxiety which keeps me awake. I’ve tried every otc and prescription sleep medicine with no luck. With THCA Live Rosin I am finally able to relax and center myself to sleep peacefully.