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Great product from a great company!

ITM, the gummy rings are perfect for relaxing at the end of the day or anytime. Eating one or two is good for me, gives a nice relaxed feeling and the stress of the day melts away. Takes about an hour to kick in. The taste is a little earthy but to be expected from the hemp derived THC 9.

Amazing product!

Wow! These are the best tasting gummy rings I have ever had. Super juicy and moist, perfect texture, and a punch from the D9! I’ll be a long time customer. I found my calm with these


The most amazing gummies ever

Delta 8 THC Moon rocks

I was not ready for these!!! Taste like pure gasoline but sent me over the moon. Proceed with caution haha. These moonrocks have to be smoked out of glass since they're drowned in disty but it's so worth it. Tingly body high and cerebral also. Loved them, will buy more soon.

RIFT Delta 8 THC Disposable Pens always hit

Never a complaint here. I had one show up with a dead battery, but they replaced it the day I emailed them at These disposable Delta 8 pens are my favorite. Smooth, flavorful, and always potent. I'll always buy from MyD8 because of the Delta 8 THC discounts in their emails. 🔥

These buds kick ass!

Pinnacle hemp delivers again with this Delta 8 THC flower. I got Zkittles because it's one of my favorite strains and DAMN does it taste good. Like a mouthful of Skittles. Buzz is what you'd expect from Delta 8 THC hemp flower. Smooth and relaxing with the CBD too. Very impressive.

Great buzz for the price

These things are tiny so I wasn't expecting much but the 50mg of nano Delta 8 THC in these shots really kicks. Nice and convenient to take on the go. I ordered Blood Orange and Watermelon and both were good but blood orange is the best imho.

Will purchase again for sure.

Delta 8 THC exotic flower: Sativa

5 stars for a Delta 8 strain that isn't dried out and gross like a lot of them. Bonus points for the professional glass jar. Plastic jars for buds seems to dry them out way quicker in my experience.

This Delta 8 THC exotic flower looks decent and smells amazing the minute you open the jar. The effects from it are what you'd expect - not Delta 9 THC flower but the next best thing. Onset within 15mim for me personally, but everyone is different. I felt relaxed and buzzed without feeling overwhelmed by my own thoughts like some ∆9 THC strains from the dispensary.

Watch out for the munchies: I tried the Halley's Komet Sativa strain and was hungry AF. 🤣

High quality seltzer

I've tried lots of Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC infused items like candy, baked goods and more and I have to say that cannabis drinks are usually not good at all. You can taste the plant too much, and they're not any faster acting than edibles imho.

These seltzers were different though. No "hemp" taste at all - I guess that's because it's water soluble Nano Delta 8 THC maybe? Either way the only flavor I could taste was the flavor of the seltzer. I tried the mango and the lime seltzer and Lime is my favorite. Felt like 20mg of Delta 8 THC should in my experience.

Fantastic Tincture

Tried the Blood Orange Nano Delta 8 THC tincture and WOW. This is the way to use Delta 8 and no one will convince me otherwise. 🤣 Delicious all natural flavoring, and a great buzz that's easy to control with how much you take. Not too high or intense. 10/10 will recommend and return to purchase more. Amazing product.

Really sticky 😁

Zoned out with this beauty.

RIFT Delta 8 THC Gummies
H.M. (Hobart, NY)
Takes Awhile

They taste great but don't kick in for quite some time, at least 1.45 hours and up to 3 hours for me. Then they are very pleasant, some lasting longer than others.

Just like the dispensary!

I checked the labs on these hemp derived Pinnacle Hemp Delta 9 Gummies and they have ~27mg of CBD in addition to ~10mg ∆9-THC. I've gotta say, these are the real deal. Just like the dispensary but way better pricing. Congratulations Pinnacle and Mydelltaeight - these are amazing, and I will be buying more soon. 🔥

RIFT Delta 8 THC Gummies
D.M. (Harrison, NY)
What CBD Claims to Be!

OK. So I bit. I tried several CBD products. I flatly never experienced the calm or any other perceptible benefits CBD was supposed to deliver - but I am not necessarily looking to get my brains dabbed in any time I interface with terpenes and THC, either. So, I went ahead and trepidatiously ate an entire 25mg gummy (with a Delta 9 product, that would be a lot!). PERFECTION! Really. I am a 54 year old professional and I could work with this, literally and figuratively. I am just RELAXED. Not stoned, and not subsisting on the contagious fumes of placebo nonsense and a positive attitude. JUST. CHILLIN. Thank you! The PERFECT product (but I will try others!!!)

Pinnacle Hemp CBD/Delta 8 Pre-roll


Love the Rift! Perfect for me! I tried others and your on top!


Great product

RIFT Delta 8 THC Disposable Pen
P.W. (Sterling, VA)

RIFT Delta 8 THC Disposable Pen

Wow - all the calm!

Can’t believe how delightful these were to smoke. No sting in the throat, no over the top buzz in the head, just a feeling of absolute calm. I am so lucky to have stumbled upon these!

Amazing- best disposable vape on the market

This is delicious tasting, makes me feel so much less stressed, and I enjoyed the way it smoked so much more than any vape product I’ve ever used before. So excited to order more!!

RIFT Delta 8 THC Disposable Pen
Lindsay D. (Nashville, TN)
Best anxiety med

This works better than any kind of pill I could take to relieve anxiety. It got rid of my nausea, calmed my heart down, and took my headache away almost immediately.

Nano Delta 8 THC Brownies Slap

First of all, the taste is amazing. They're like a chocolate brownie and absolutely no hemp or cannabis flavoring at all.

I was expecting the Nano delta 8 THC in these brownies to be a bit better than distillate as an edible and man was I right. Nano is the new king of edibles imho. Maybe that's just me but these knocked me on my ass with a very small dose. Definitely asses your tolerance and I wouldn't take these as a new cannabis consumer.

Great product. A bit high priced but damn well worth it. Hit me harder than most dispensary edibles at least for the price.

Glad to hear you liked our Nano Delta 8 THC brownies. We're definitely big fans of them. Feel free to use code 'SAVE5' for $5.00 off your next order of brownie mix.

Green Apple tastes amazing! And slaps!

I like these a lot better than most Delta 8 THC gummies. The flavor is unbeatable and surprisingly they didn't even come melted. Green Apple is my favorite flavor of these delta 8 gummies so far. Great quality potent gummies. Fast shipping too. Thank you.

Delta 8 Pharma Grade Gummy Rings
A.M. (Kansas City, MO)

Delta 8 Pharma Grade Gummy Rings

Delta 8 Pharma Grade Flower (3.5g)
B.D. (Evansville, IN)

Really smooth Indica flower

We're happy to hear you enjoyed your experience, Beatrice. Thanks for the kind words!