What Delta 8 THC is best in 2024?

What Delta 8 THC is best in 2024?

There are many Delta 8 THC options that have hit the market the past year. What’s more – there is a whole bunch of new cannabinoids entering the space now as well like THCA, Hemp derived Delta 9 THC, THC-P, and others.

It All Depends on Preference

Some people just have to dab. Some like to light up a joint or pack a bowl. Still others swear by edibles. It all depends on your preference. Just because you have a pleasant experience with smoking Delta 8 THC, does not necessarily mean you will enjoy edible Delta 8 THC – and vice versa.

An experienced user will have some idea of which method they prefer – but the beginner should avoid large doses regardless the method of consumption. First time users of Delta 8 THC should always take the smallest dose possible. If you’re consuming flower – inhale a small amount and wait 15-20 minutes to evaluate your experience (listen to your body) before consuming any more. If you are a first time edible Delta 8 THC user – consume the smallest amount possible (typically around 5mg Delta 8 THC) and wait 30 mins to an hour and assess your body’s reaction to the edible.

What Delta 8 THC Brands are Safe?

Consuming lab tested (and consumer tested) Delta 8 THC is always a best practice regardless of the method of use. Do not ever consume Delta 8 THC that does not have recent lab reports available. Here are some more tips for consuming Delta 8 THC brands safely:

Know your dose. Always know the amount you are consuming as it can vary drastically from product to product. Some Delta 8 THC edibles and gummies will contain a very small amount of Delta 8 THC – down to 5mg sometimes – while some will contain 100mg or more per gummy.

Know Your Vendor. With many reputable Delta 8 THC brands and vendors available – it is important to go with a trusted source. Don’t buy on the black market – and make sure there are many verified reviews of any online vendors.

Some of our highest quality products are from RIFT, Pinnacle Hemp, Binoid, Wild Orchard, and Doc Jons Private Reserve.

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