Yumz Liquid Diamond THCA + D9 THC + THC-P Disposable 6g


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    Yumz Liquid Diamond THCA + D9 THC + THC-P Disposable 6g


    Introducing the Yumz Liquid Diamond THCA + D9 THC + THC-P Disposable 6g, a revolutionary breakthrough in vaping technology that sets a new standard for convenience, potency, and innovation. As the world’s first 6-gram disposable vape with a digital screen, Yumz offers an unparalleled experience for both novice and seasoned users. With a unique blend of three live resin cannabinoids—Delta 9 THC, THC-A, and THC-P—this device delivers a balanced and robust effect that elevates your vaping journey to new heights.


    Yumz Liquid Diamond THCA + D9 THC + THC-P Disposable 6g Details

    Delta 9 THC: Known for its psychoactive effects, D9 offers a euphoric and uplifting experience.
    THC-A: A non-psychoactive cannabinoid that converts to Delta 9 THC when heated, enhancing the overall potency.
    THC-P: A relatively new cannabinoid that is believed to be several times more potent than Delta 9 THC, offering a longer-lasting and more intense high.


    A first in the disposable vape market, the digital screen displays the charge density, allowing you to keep track of battery life and optimize your sessions.


    Currently available in three mouth-watering flavors:
    Honey Berry: A sweet and tangy blend that tickles your taste buds.
    Tigers Blood + Watermelon Kush: A tropical fusion that offers a burst of fruity goodness.
    Lemon Cake: A creamy and smooth flavor that mimics the classic British dessert.


    Battery: High-capacity, rechargeable
    Capacity: 6 grams
    Display: Digital screen for charge density
    Material: Highest quality Hemp, Naturally Derived Terpenes, food-grade components
    Flavors: Honey Berry (Hybrid), Tigers Blood + Watermelon Kush (Indica), Lemon Cake (Sativa)


    Remove the device from its packaging.
    Inhale from the mouthpiece to activate.
    Monitor the digital screen to keep track of charge density.
    Dispose of responsibly after use.


    Must be 21 years or older to purchase.
    Keep out of reach of children and pets.
    Do not operate heavy machinery while using this product.


    The Yumz 6 Gram Disposable Vape is not just another vaping device; it’s a game-changer. With its unique blend of cannabinoids, large capacity, and digital screen, this disposable vape offers a premium experience that is second to none. Choose your flavor and elevate your vaping journey today!


    Yumz Liquid Diamond THCA + D9 THC + THC-P Disposable 6g Lab Results

    Yumz Liquid Diamond THCA + D9 THC + THC-P Disposable 6g Lemon Cake Sativa – PDF

    Yumz Liquid Diamond THCA + D9 THC + THC-P Disposable 6g Honey Berry Hybrid – PDF

    Yumz Liquid Diamond THCA + D9 THC + THC-P Disposable 6g Tigers Blood + Watermelon Kush Indica – PDF


    Lemon Cake (Sativa), Tigers Blood + Watermelon Kush (Indica), Honey Berry (Hybrid)

Customer Reviews

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C. (Fremont, CA)

Would be great if it did leak from the bottom. Also clogs at the mouthpiece area

H.H. (Ballwin, MO)

this shit hits

'Thank you for the feedback! We're glad to hear that you enjoyed our Yumz Liquid Diamond. Happy to provide you with a great experience. Keep on enjoying!'

J. (Elk Grove Village, IL)
Great high

I enjoy it. It fits nicely in my hand and has a pleasant texture. Overall,I believe it offers good value. I'll purchase it again.

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to leave a review! We're so glad to hear that you are enjoying our Yumz Liquid Diamond THCA + D9 THC + THC-P Disposable. We take pride in providing a high-quality product at a great value. We appreciate your support and look forward to serving you again in the future. Happy toking!