TreHouse Magic Mushroom Gummies

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    TreHouse Magic Mushroom Gummies


    Introducing Mushroom gummies that are formulated with a seriously potent proprietary blend of mushrooms. These Trehouse Magic mushroom gummies satisfy the taste buds before launching the mind to Who Knows Where. Maybe it’s explorin’ Mars, trippin’ down the rabbit hole, or leadin’ a solo mission to the center of your couch.

    TreHouse Magic Mushroom Gummies Details

    Before you say, “I’m good. My stash is complete,” wait a second. Before you shut the door on possibility and stick with the status quo, let’s open our (third) eyes to some delicious new products—brought to us, no doubt, from some little green men in a neon spaceship.


    We’re talkin’ magic mushroom gummies. Formulated with a seriously potent proprietary blend of mushrooms, these mushroom gummies satisfy the taste buds before launching the mind to Who Knows Where. Maybe it’s explorin’ Mars, trippin’ down the rabbit hole, or leadin’ a solo mission to the center of your couch.


    15 chewy gummies per pack
    Proprietary mushroom blend
    All-natural ingredients
    1 gummy = “I’m feeling something”
    4 gummies = “I’m one with Nature”
    7+ gummies = “That dog just told me the last three digits of Pi”


    TreHouse Magic Mushroom Gummies versus Cannabis Gummies

    Comparing magic mushrooms to THC is like … well, it’s like … it’s … to be frank, can we be frank for a second? It’s … um …THC zigs, whereas mushrooms zag. Make sense?


    Cannabinoids, like Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC, Delta 10 THC, HHC, CBD, and THC-P, bring certain mental effects that inspire creativity and wrap you in a firm hug of relaxation. These gummies with mushrooms, on the other hand, create a similar experience that is more grounding, more body-heavy. You’ll still get catapulted to the Kuiper Belt—there’s no question there—but the ride can feel a little more like a magic carpet rather than a rocket ship.


    However, if you have any experience with THC gummies, you’ll know everyone feels something different. The same can be said for these watermelon soft chews. You might feel like you’re riding on a soft white cloud, your friend might compare it to a magic carpet ride, and your nana? Well, she might be too spaced for words at the moment.



    TreHouse Magic Mushroom Gummies Lab Results

    TreHouse Magic Mushroom Gummies Blue Raspberry – PDF

    TreHouse Magic Mushroom Gummies Juicy Mango – PDF

    TreHouse Magic Mushroom Gummies Watermelon Wonder – PDF

    TreHouse Magic Mushroom Gummies Strawberry Dream – PDF



    Blue Raspberry, Juicy Mango, Strawberry Dream, Sour Tropical, Watermelon Wonder, Sour Apple

Customer Reviews

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J. (Lebanon, MO)
Wonderful Mushroom Experience

Flavor Review
The flavor is awesome! I love sour candy and this flavor isn't too sour and doesnt taste like the generic sour apple candy flavor you get from other candies

Product Review
I first tried these gummies a couple months ago, and was caught off guard by how effective they are. I've never followed instructions for dosages because my tolerance is very high, and that was a fun mistake

I bought two packs and ate 20 of them in the first go, not thinking I would feel much, and I was wrong

Colors started looking brighter, my hands started feeling weird (a sign to me that im starting to trip), my mood was lifting, and then I started feeling the trip when I was in the middle of getting some groceries

I got out of there fast, headed home, and the trip further intensified. The trees behind my house were "breathing" and I found myself staring at them for a good 30 minutes in awe

I ended up eating the remainder of the 2 packs throughout the day and it was truly a mind-melting experience: it 100% felt like that the last time I did shrooms in high school ages ago. I was watching TV and colors were definitely changing and I was seeing things that weren't there…it was insane!

The only thing I didn't like is that I was restless and couldn't make up my mind on what I wanted to do, but that's because I took so many lol

Since that first night, I now follow the instructions because the product does what it says it's going to do, which is awesome because I can choose what kind of buzz I feel like having. Do I want to just get a little buzz and feel more energetic?…take 1-3, do I want to amp that feeling up a little bit more?…take 3-6, and if I feel like going all out then it's 7+

I've also taken more after the initial dosage, and the effect keeps building, I love it!

My wife was interested in trying them, so we took them together one night and it was the most fun she and I have had together in a LONG time. We hung out, laughed our asses off, talked about things that we never want to delve into when we're sober, and our relationship has gotten much stronger since then

I love this product so much that I bought over 16 packs when the huge sale was going on last month

Also, alcohol abuse has been a problem for me, so I quit drinking several months ago and I was a little worried that I might become dependent on these because they make you feel so good, but that's not the case at all. I haven't had any urges to take them on a daily basis and there is ZERO hangover the day after

I feel that this product also has therapeutic benefits as well, because I still feel positive and energetic days after taking them. I'm definitely interested in seeing how microdosing can benefit my overall life and lead to more positive thinking and Peace

Thank you making an awesome product!